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Citizen Science: Citizen Science Articles / Guides / Courses

This guide provides case studies, resources and information on relevant events to support UCD staff, researchers, academics and students interested in citizen science.

Citizen Science Articles / Presentations


  • Published in November 2023 by EUTOPIA European University, the Citizen Science Starter Kit shares information about what citizen science is through definitions, guidelines and tips & tricks. It consists of 4 modules: 1) Start to learn about citizen science; 2) Determine if citizen science is right for your research; 3) Crucial design factors for successful citizen science 4) Getting started with citizen science.

  • How to work with young people in Citizen Science - an integrated solution for all CS applications on Spotteron complying with privacy laws & parental consent requires appropriate measures in place, developed by Spotteron and Horizon EU-funded YouCount Project:

Webinars and Courses

Engaging and empowering citizens with low-cost sensors for monitoring climate change hazards

SCORE webinar held 1st March 2024

Citizen science plays a crucial role in monitoring climate change by engaging ordinary citizens in data collection and analysis, expanding the scope of climate observation and empowering communities to understand and address local climate challenges. In this webinar we explored the role of citizen science in monitoring climate change hazards using low-cost sensors and provided an overview of low-cost DIY sensor technologies. Experts from the SCORE project explained how to deploy and operate low-cost sensor networks and showcased some successful citizen science initiatives from the project so far.

European Citizen Science project showcase: Sharing insights and facilitating dialogue in citizen science

Tuesday, 27th February 2024

The overall objective of the ECS (European Citizen Science) project is to increase the capacity of European society to engage the public in scientific research through citizen science. 

Click here for the recording of the webinar which has been uploaded to YouTube. Summary of the presentations at this webinar:

  • Data practices in citizen science, by Amalia Cardenas from CSIC
  • Impact evaluation, by Teresa Schaefer from ZSI
  • ECS Academy, capacity building and training by Muki Haklay by UPCité/LPI
  • Policy priorities, by Marius Oesterheld from MfN


Doing Excellent Research with Citizen Science - Opportunities and Challenges

Prof Muki Haklay, University College London, spoke at the ENGAGED RESEARCH SEMINAR SERIES organised by UCD Research on March 8th 2023 at 1pm. Click on the blue link above to download the PDF of his presentation.


    Watch the seminar back on this YouTube video

Prof. Haklay is a Professor of Geographic Information Science in the Department of Geography at UCL. 
His research focuses on environment and society relationships, and he is the co-director of the UCL Extreme 
Citizen Science group. Prof. Haklay is renowned for the wider societal and economic impact of his 
work using citizen science approaches. 

Citizen Science and Higher Level Education




This report from the University of Oulu, Finland, considers how Higher Education Institutes can integrate Open Science / Citizen Science into their curricula to design student-centred learning activities in which students can learn and address real-world challenges with peers.



This guide aims to gather lessons and best practices learnt from different use cases. The objective is to transfer the experiences and knowledge produced during the design, implementation, and assessment of open innovation events to other type of OS activities and other contexts and fields, and to increase the transferability and impact of project results to other HEIs and research organisations.