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UCD Library Collection Spotlight: It's Revision Time!

A monthly online and print display highlighting our collections


Now that revision time is here, you may want to spend a little while with one or two of our study and exam skills titles, a selection of which are on display in the James Joyce Spotlight area on Level 1. You will find many of these titles in the Study Skills Collection available in our libraries - in James Joyce Library this collection is in Library Hub.

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Key Tips from UCDSU - look out for 2016 updates!

1. Write a to-do list and take things one task at a time. Being able to tick things off your list gives a great sense of accomplishment and will keep you motivated to reach your goals.
2. TAKE A BREAK. Go to training, go for a walk, eat some fruit, drink water, and just give your brain and body a chance to recharge.
3. Download or similar apps and temporarily block social media and games while you study.
4. Eat well; pressure and stress from exams can turn even the healthiest people towards junk food and irregular eating habits. Try to
eat regularly and healthily; apples and bananas are great energising snacks and drinking water will keep you hydrated. We all need the odd Redbull now and again, but try not to over do it, one a day folks!
5. Sleep! Staying up very late and getting up early may make you feel productive, but the quality of work you produce will suffer. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night, you’ll wake feeling energised and ready to go.

Some Exam Titles

Exam and Study Skills Online

Some Study Skills Titles

UCDSU Exam Tips Video

Health and Wellbeing Titles

A selection of titles on coping with stress and anxiety

A selection of mindfulness titles