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Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy Courses on Brightspace

UCD Library's first digital literacy module explores the concept of digital identity, providing tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy online identity for both personal and academic purposes.

Instructions for Course Completion for Students

Follow these steps to take the course and receive a digital certificate. Chrome is the recommended web browser for completion of this course.

1. Enroll in the Module

  • Go to UCD Connect and log into Brightspace. Click on the Explore tab at the top of your home screen, then search for Digital Identity. The course should appear.
  • Select the blue Enroll in Course button.
  • A message will appear advising that you have Successfully Enrolled
  • To access the course, navigate back to your Brightspace home page by clicking on the UCD Crest on the top left of your page. Select the All tab under My Modules. The Exploring Your Digital Identity course will be listed here.
  • Further details on how to enroll in Brightspace Explore modules are available here.

2. Complete the 3 units in the course [90 min approx.]

  • Each unit consists of an interactive tutorial [15-20 min.] and a set of curated online  resources related to the topic [minimum 10 minutes, but some resources might take longer to explore in depth.]
  • You can complete the interactive tutorials and look at the curated resources in stages or all in one go.
  • You must have an 80% pass in the final quiz to complete each tutorial.
  • You can work on the three units in any order you want.
  • The course will remain open to you even after finishing it, and you can revisit the units to refresh your understanding at any time during your study at UCD.

3. Complete the Have Your Say Survey [5 min. approx.]

  • The survey will become available on completion of all three units in the course. 
  • The survey is completely anonymous, and designed to help module coordinators improve the quality of the materials for future iterations of the course, so please be honest with your feedback.

4. Optional Assignment: Reflective Piece on what you learned from the course [60 min. approx.]

  • The assignment is a personal reflection on the knowledge that participants have gained from the module's exploration of various aspects of digital identity.
  • The reflection piece can be submitted in written, audio or video formats, and there are detailed instructions on how to produce the piece in each format.
  • The assignment is graded as pass or fail, and there is also a comprehensive rubric explaining what constitutes good practice in creating reflective pieces.

5. On successful completion of the three units in the module and the optional assignment you will receive a Certificate of achievement. 

  • To get your certificate go to your Brightspace Homepage. Next select My Brightspace, then Awards. Your certificate will always be available for download as a PDF in this space.
  • To save a copy as evidence of successful completion, click the Certificate, then select Generate Certificate. A PDF will be downloaded which you should save. This PDF can be submitted to modules on Brightspace when requested by module coordinators or used as evidence beyond the university. Further details are available here.