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Digital Literacy: Think Critically and Evaluate Digital Information & Data

In this age of fake news and manipulation of information, it is essential to think critically about the information and data you encounter and understand how different sources have an impact on the objectivity, accuracy and quality of the information they provide. It is also essential to understand how specific content creation tools and platforms use the information and data you create. In most cases 'the medium is the message' and it is necessary to consider carefully whether the online platforms you use  are the right tools for your needs. Under this capability we are focusing on the following skills:

  1. Critically evaluate the quality of digital information and data
  2. Critically evaluate the quality of digital content creation tools and platforms.

Library Resources for Thinking Critically and Evaluating Digital Information and Data

The Library has created a number of videos, library guides and interactive tutorials to help you evaluate the quality of information, data and content creation platforms more effectively. These are some of the core resources:

    4-minute video tutorial offering tips for evaluating online  information


Infographic setting out basic rules to identify fake health information

Evaluating Information: Library guide to help you assess the quality, accuracy and reliability of the information you locate to support your assignments and research