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Digital Literacy: Create & Communicate Digital Information

You are a content creator in your personal, academic and professional spheres: you create photos, videos, podcasts, and upload them onto social media platforms; you write blog and social media posts; you write assignment papers and post them onto your institution's virtual learning platforms; you put together research proposals and submit them to funder's online platforms, etc.  Knowing how to create content in a responsible manner, acknowledging your sources and sharing your material safely and lawfully are also essential skills of our digital age. Under this capability we are focusing on the following skills:

  • Create and manage digital content.
  • Apply academic integrity and ethical research principles to the content created.

Library Resources for Creating and Communicating Digital Information

The Library has created a number of videos, library guides and interactive tutorials to help you create digital content and communicate about it effectively. These are some of the core resources:


Contract Cheating 101: Online tutorial introducing the risks and consequences of using essay mills and of contract cheating
Introduction to Academic Writing: Online tutorial introducing the principles of good academic writing.
Academic Integrity: Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism: Library guide explaining what referencing and citation is and how to use the APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Vancouver Styles. It includes links to each style guide.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at UCD and on the Web

UCD Library's Smartphone Video Production Tips

Copyright: Library guide providing information on copyright in relation to library collections and their use for teaching, learning and research.

Social Media to Promote Research: Library guide with tips on using social media tools and networks to promote your research.

Creating a Podcast: Library guide with an overview of the practical steps required for the creation of a podcast.

Digitisation Projects: Library guide outlining the various options available to those undertaking digitisation projects.