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Digital Literacy: UCD Library's Digital Literacy Open Educational Resources

Digital Literacy and OER logos

UCD Library is committed to sharing all materials created as part of our Digital Literacy initiative as Open Educational Resources. We have licensed all of them using Creative Commons licences  and our final aim is to create materials that adhere as close as possible to the 5 Rs of OER:

  • Retain: We want anyone to be able to download their own copy of the resource and keep it freely.
  • Revise: As far as it is within our capabilities we will make our resources available in editable, adaptable, updatable formats.
  • Remix: Our resources can be mixed with other resources to create something new.
  • Reuse: Our resources can be used publicly in lectures, presentations, online modules, websites, etc.
  • Redistribute: Original, revised or remixed copies of our resources can be freely shared with others.

In this page we will post instances of all the outputs from the Digital Literacy initiative, including interactive tutorial files, module outlines, workshop design plans, etc. Please check the sections below to download the relevant files.

Embedding Digital Literacy Tutorials into the Brightspace (D2L) VLE

To import the tutorials above into Brightspace, follow these instructions:

  • Download any of the tutorial files above to your computer.
  • Go to Brightspace.
  • Go to the module where you want to import the tutorial and select My Learning from the menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select the unit in your module in which you want to embed the tutorial from the left hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the Upload/ Create dropdown box on the top right hand side of the screen and select New SCORM/xAPI object. Select Bulk Upload on the right hand side of the screen and navigate to the tutorial file you downloaded.
  • Configure Course Package Properties as follows:
    • Package Name: Change this to the name you want to give this tutorial within your module.
    • Description: Enter an appropriate description for the content of the tutorial, or simply leave this field blank.
    • Do you want to share this file? YES
    • Course package player options: Open player in new window
    • Course package navigation options: Use built-in navigation (Default)
    • Course package Review/Retake Options: Do not add review/retake
  • Click on Next
  • Add Course Package -SCORM/xAPI
    • Select the name of your tutorial [This will normally appear at the top of the list] and click on Next.
    • Do you want a grade item created for this instance? Select YES or NO as appropriate.
    • Grade calculation method: Select from the drop-down list as appropriate.
    • Version control: Always display the latest version
    • Course package player options: Open player in new window (Recommended)
    • Click on Add
  • The tutorial has now been added to your module

Creative Commons license