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UCD Library Collection Spotlight: International DUBLIN Literary Award 2019

A monthly online and print display highlighting our collections

Literary Award

International DUBLIN Literary Award 2019 banner

Books on the Award Shortlist

About the Award

The International DUBLIN Literary Award is presented annually for a novel written in English or translated into English. The Award is sponsored by Dublin City Council, the municipal government of Dublin, and administered by Dublin City Public Libraries.

The Award aims to promote excellence in world literature. Nominations are submitted by library systems in major cities throughout the world. This is our fifth year showcasing this award here in UCD Library.

This year's winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 12.

All of the titles highlighted on this page are on our shelves as part of our collection, and most of them were generously donated to us by the Award organising committee!

See our books

The following are just a few of the books we are highlighting during our month-long focus on this prestigious Award. Feel free to browse and borrow from the selection on our Spotlight book display stand in the James Joyce Library!