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UCD Library Collection Spotlight: The Stu Daultrey Donation

A monthly online and print display highlighting our collections

About this Donation

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Stu Daultrey was a lecturer in what was then the UCD Department of Geography. His particular interest was climatology and he produced various works based on his research, including one on the weather conditions during the Spanish Armada! He was also a keen cricket lover, with his own website (“Stu’s Cricket Watch”) and Twitter feed.

Stu passed away in December 2015. His wife Carol approached UCD Library about donating his personal book collection to UCD, which had been his wish. This donation of approximately 1,800 items had been collected by Stu since his retirement and covers all aspects of the environment, from meteorology to economics, as well as books on history, architecture and art history.

The Collections team have made a good start on integrating this material into our collection - a selection is now available to view and borrow across a wide range of subjects.

Some Titles From the Donation Now Available to Borrow