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MLA Style Guide: Book with three or more authors

This guide covers how in-text citations and references should be formatted in the MLA Style, 9th Edition.

Book with three or more authors

Reference: First Author Last name, First name, et al. Title. Publisher, Year of Publication.

Example: McGeady, Thomas, et al. Veterinary Embryology. Blackwell, 2006.


  • (First Author Last name et al. Page no)
  • (Page no)


  • It is suggested that Boston would have been a very different city had there been no fire (Rawson ch.2 ). 
  • Michael Rawson suggests that Boston was a city that could have had a very different form, if the fire had not occurred (ch.2).

Note on URLs: MLA 9th Edition prefers a DOI, Permanent Link or URL in that order. Going directly to the eBook where you are reading it from can help you find this. This is sometimes called a citable link or something similar. Do not exclude any elements of the link provided.

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