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MLA Style Guide: Television or radio

This guide covers how in-text citations and references should be formatted in the MLA Style, 9th Edition.

Television or radio

Reference: “Title” episode or segment. Title of Programme or series, created/directed etc. by First Name Last Name, season no., episode no., Name of network/Production Company, Broadcast date. Streaming service name/Website name, URL.

Example: “When your Boyfriend Catches you in Bed with Obama.” Fleabag, created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, season 1, episode 1, Two Brothers Pictures, 2016. Amazon Prime,


  • (“Title”)


  • The central character is never named, other than as “Fleabag” (“When your Boyfriend Catches you in Bed with Obama”).

Note: If the title is very long like the one above, it is permitted to include just the first few words in the in-text citation, so long as it is identifiable. 

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