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MLA Style Guide: eReader

This guide covers how in-text citations and references should be formatted in the MLA Style, 9th Edition.


If page numbers are not available, avoid markers such as Kindle/eReader page numbers/ file location as these may not be consistent on all devices. Instead, use stable numbered sections such as chapters. If the eBook does not have sections   of any kind, then the work must be cited as a whole within the text.

Reference: Author Last name, First name. Title . eBook Format, Publisher, Year of publication.

Example: Rowley, Hazel. Franklin and Eleanor: An Extraordinary Marriage. Kindle ed., Farrar, 2010. 


  • (Author Last name, ch.)
  • (ch.)


  • The Roosevelts enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle but they were not ostentatious (Rowley, ch. 6).
  • Hazel Rowley notes that although the Roosevelts enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, they were not ostentatious (ch.6).  

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