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Research Repository UCD: Submit The Correct Version

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Which Version of the Article Do you Require?

In order to comply with the copyright policies of the publishers, the version we require is the author's "post-print" or author's final version of the article after the refereeing process has taken place.

The text of the article therefore may be exactly the same as in the published PDF version. However, this version should not contain the publisher's copy editing or formatting such as logos, typesetting or page numbers and should not be a publisher's proof.
Occasionally, however, there may be indications of a publisher's style through the use of a template or through the use of a galley (which could include numbered lines). The Repository accepts these.

NB: Generally the publisher's PDF cannot be accepted. Authors should therefore seek to keep copies of suitable versions of all articles as part of their workflow. 

To help end users find the published version we create a link to this in the record and also provide a suggested form of citation to the article/paper. In addition we add a cover sheet to each PDF where all the citation details are brought together, plus a link to the published version.

Going forward, you will need to ensure that you have the correct version saved for uploading to the Repository and that you factor this into your workflow.

For visual examples of the versions we can and cannot accept, please see our Versions Guide:

What Version of the Book/Chapter Do You Require?

The version that we require for a book or book chapter is the final pre-published draft (i.e. the manuscript) in the case of books/chapters.

We do occasionally obtain permission for full books; we are granted permission for about 75% of chapters.

Correct Version

Incorrect Version