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Research Repository UCD: Testimonials from UCD Researchers

Our guide to Research Repository UCD


“Given the time lag from creation to publication in academic journals, it is critical that my research is disseminated in a timely manner in order to have a real impact...placing my working papers in the UCD Repository ensures that it is freely available to both academics and non-academics, thus ensuring optimal impact and increasing the visibility of my research”

Dr. Orla Doyle
UCD School of Economics

Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

“Placing material in the repository is useful on a number of levels. In the first instance it demonstrates the volume of work we produce and highlights our areas of interest.  Also, it provides access for anyone, anywhere to the material I generate. It provides academics like myself with a platform to share material that would generally be inaccessible otherwise for reasons of cost, copyright or general curtailment. Of particular interest for me is that it makes my material readily available to the public.....”

Dr Valerie O'Brien
School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice

Physical Sciences

"As most of my research is publicly funded, it is imperative that my results are publicly available. Open access removes barriers to access and encourages innovation and discovery, ultimately advancing knowledge. Open access has the added benefit of encouraging me to write papers with a wider audience in mind, hopefully improving the clarity and impact of our collaborative work. Research Repository UCD in particular provides increased visibility to my work and tools to track and manage these resources. Their team helps navigate all of the copyright issues, making it easy to add publications to the repository."

Dr. Brian Rodriguez
Senior Lecturer, School of Physics

Civil Engineering

“The repository has been central in boosting the impact of our is a main driver in growing the citation statistics of our researchers”

Eugene O’Brien
Professor of Civil Engineering


"... has made such an improvement in our dissemination efforts"

Professor Debra Laefer
School of Civil Engineering