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Research Repository UCD: Publishing

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD

I Need To Publish In High Impact Journals To Further My Career

Yes you do—we understand that!

You can also put a copy of your work in the repository in most cases.

Repositories work alongside traditional publishing rather than instead of it.

You may be under a mandate from your funding agency to make a version of your work available in an open access format.

Doesn't Placing Papers Into a Repository Undermine Traditional Journal Publishing?

This is a common misconception.

Repositories aren't replacing publishing. They work alongside publishing (acceptance by a publisher is normally the criterion by which we accept material into repositories).

Libraries can't subscribe to everything, so submitting your papers to the repository ensures the institution has a copy. Also, if journal subscriptions are cancelled in the future, the Library might lose access to back-copies. This didn't happen with print copies but is a risk with online-only content.

Won't This Affect My Book Sales?

Copyright may well not allow for the submission of a complete book. However, if copyright clearance is given by the publisher, the availability of the book electronically via the Repository raises its visibility and may in turn increase sales.

An alternative to submitting an entire book is to submit one or more chapters; again, this will result in an increase in visibility for what is the most invisible of research outputs.