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Research Repository UCD: Third-Party Services e.g. ResearchGate

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Repositories Vs Research Networks?

What's the difference between sharing my work in an open access repository e.g. Research Repository UCD, and a research network, e.g. ResearchGate? Read our brief Information Sheet.

Can I Link To My Papers in ResearchGate?

While third-party services (e.g.ResearchGate, Mendeley, may enable users to upload PDFs of publications, this may in fact infringe publishers’ copyright policies, with a call to “take-down” or remove items: see this 2013 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

We therefore recommend uploading the final peer-reviewed draft to Research Repository UCD and linking to this from any third-party service such as ResearchGate.

What is the Relationship Between PubMed Central and the Research Repository?

Research Repository UCD does not currently have any formal or technical arrangement with PubMed Central. Some journals automatically deposit papers into PubMed Central for you. The PMC Journals List includes information about what content is available from each journal. For these journals, the published version of the article is available in PMC. In addition to the articles from these journals, PMC contains author manuscripts of selected articles from several thousand other journals:

Please visit the PMC FAQ for more information:

If you are interested in seeing automatic deposits to PubMed Central as a feature, please contact Joseph Greene, Repository Librarian (

Can Relevant Papers Be Automatically Sent To RePEc?

Yes. In early 2015 we contracted the building of a function that can either automate your existing RePEc archive or send individual items to a new RePEc archive.

Since we already obtain copyright permission for published items, this opens a wide variety of content beyond the traditional working paper that can be sent to RePEc. Please contact Joseph Greene, Repository Librarian ( for more information.

Can SSRN Papers Be Automatically Placed In The Law Research Collection?

We would like to go the other way and send from Research Repository UCD to SSRN, but SSRN have no facility for this.

Can I Link To My Papers On My Own Website?

If you have your papers available elsewhere such as as personal website or School webpage you will still be able to link to your collection or individual papers from your personal or School website.

Putting your papers in a repository means they are curated, they will have a permanent link and will benefit from institutional support. In addition, if you leave UCD you will be able to continue linking to your papers.