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Research Repository UCD: Electronic Theses

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Theses on Research Repository UCD

Why is my research thesis on Research Repository UCD?

When a research degree is awarded by the university, a hardcopy of the research thesis upon which the award is based, is archived in UCD Belfield Campus. A digital copy of the thesis is hosted in Research Repository UCD, and designated a perpetual unique URL. The digital copy is publicly visible.


Research Thesis Embargoes

The default position of the university is to not apply an embargo on a research thesis. However, there may be cases where the thesis does need to be embargoed for a period of time.

UCD's Research Thesis Embargo Policy (approved June 2021) is available via the UCD Document Library.

Information on research thesis embargoes can be found on the Graduate Studies website

An application for requesting an embargo can be made by following the Procedure for Placing Embargo on Research Degree Theses. To request an extension to existing embargo, please follow the Procedure for Extending Thesis Embargo.


How can I have my thesis removed from Research Repository UCD?

UCD promotes compliance with Irish copyright law as regulated by the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 and the Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2019.

However, in accordance with the Thesis Embargo Policy if the owner of the copyrighted material in a research degree thesis in Research Repository UCD does not consent to the use of their work, they can seek a takedown of the relevant thesis by submitting a request to UCD Library, who will withdraw the material immediately in line with the procedure and takedown procedure and policy below: