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Research Repository UCD: Eligibility

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD

Who Can Submit Items to Research Repository UCD?

Any UCD member of staff or researcher can submit items in Research Repository UCD.

What About Co-Authored Works?

Co-authored works are acceptable provided that one of the authors is a UCD member of staff. All authors are entered in separate fields so if you search for any author attributed to an item it will be retrieved.

Can I Add Items I Published In a Previous University In Which I Worked?

There is no automated way of harvesting from one repository to another so if you wanted them to appear in Research Repository UCD in addition to your previous University's repository you would have to upload them manually.  Your publisher's copyright policy would also need to allow this.

What Would Happen To My Items If I Leave UCD?

Any papers already in Research Repository UCD will be retained in the repository.

Can Retired Staff Upload Papers To The Research Repository?

If a retired staff member wishes to upload papers to the Repository they should contact Joseph Greene, Research Repository Librarian (Email:, tel: 353 1 716 7398) and he will guide you through registration (or do it for you), so you can upload directly to the repository.

Once registered, the retired staff member will be set up with permission to upload to specific a collection. After that, they will be able to login and upload papers as they wish.

Can PhD Students Upload Papers To The Research Repository?

As the upload mechanism is via the RMS this can be tricky as, unfortunately, PhD students don't have RMS profiles. They can be 'sponsored' by their supervisor, i.e. the supervisor can request an RMS page be set up for them, but this isn't a formal arrangement with UCD Research, only ad hoc.

Therefore, PhD students who want to upload to Research Repository UCD should contact Joseph Greene, Research Repository Librarian (, tel: 353 1 716 7398) and we will set up a login directly to the Research Repository for PhD students.