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Research Repository UCD: Embargoes

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD

What is an Embargo?

Some publishers want you to wait for a set period of time ("embargo period") before making your paper available in Research Repository UCD.

Most funders permit embargoes; these are generally 6 months for STM disciplines and 12 months for HSS disciplines.

How Does Research Repository UCD Handle Embargoes?

Upload your paper as normal.

The Library will set an embargo as part of its copyright checking process.

It will be possible to view the metadata (i.e. citation details) of embargoed items in the Repository with the full-text remaining locked down.

The embargo to the full-text will be lifted automatically once the embargo date is reached.

Publishers' Copyright and Embargo Policies

A comprehensive listing of the copyright and self-archiving policies of publishers is available on the Sherpa Romeo site: 


The listing below includes in more detail the policies of the most common publishers of UCD items (journal articles and book chapter) including embargoes. All embargoes are managed by Library staff; where one exists only the details of the paper will be made available in the Research Repository until the embargo period is reached, at which point it will automatically be made live in the Repository:


Elsevier operates the most restrictive embargoes, with lengths varying between journals. As of January 2017 the list below outlines these: