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Research Repository UCD: Submitting Materials

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD

Short Video on How to Upload to Research Repository UCD

Is Uploading the Same on Macs and iPads?

There should be no issues with uploading submissions on Macs. This is also true with iPads but unfortunately a mobile version of the website is not yet available.

What Formats Are Accepted?

In order to facilitate UCD's commitment to open access and long-term preservation, we prefer PDF format with no password protection as this is a non-proprietary format, for which readers are freely available.

How Do You Handle Items That Are Linked to More than One School?

If you have published an item that is linked to a number of UCD Schools/Institutes/Research Centres it can appear in additional collection/s to your main School collection.

On the submission form there is an 'Any other comments' box which you can use for this, after you click 'Send to Repository'. Enter the name of the additional School/Research Centres you would like the item to appear in.

How Do You Handle Multiple Authors?

If a UCD co-author uploads first then the item will appear in the Research Management System (RMS) as a "claimable" item, ready to upload to the Repository for all UCD co-authors. Only one author needs upload.

If the co-author is not in UCD then the general advice is for the first author to upload the paper to their repository.

Can a School / Research Centre Administrator Submit on Behalf of Researchers?

Yes they can. Contact and request that they be given administrator login privileges for the School/Research Centre. This will allow the administrator to update the profiles and upload papers for each member of staff in the unit. Be advised that UCD Research may need a list of staff members to set this up for Research Centre administrators.

When papers are uploaded on behalf of staff, the administrator will be the contact person for those items if Research Repository staff have queries.