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Research Repository UCD: Submitting Materials

Our guide to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD

How Do I Submit Papers to Research Repository UCD?

Go to and click on the "Submit papers via the RMS" link in the top left hand corner. Log in using your UCD email address and the password you created, or if you have never signed in before, your staff ID.

If you have trouble logging into RMS Profiles contact

For full instructions see our guide or view our 4 minute video. More details are available at:

Short Video on How to Upload to Research Repository UCD

Is Uploading the Same on Macs and iPads?

There should be no issues with uploading submissions on Macs. This is also true with iPads but unfortunately a mobile version of the website is not yet available.

What Formats Are Accepted?

In order to facilitate UCD's commitment to open access and long-term preservation, we prefer PDF format with no password protection as this is a non-proprietary format, for which readers are freely available.

What If The Journal Title Isn't Included on the RMS?

You will need to contact in UCD Research to request the addition of your journal title.

How Do You Handle Items That Are Linked to More than One School?

If you have published an item that is linked to a number of UCD Schools/Institutes/Research Centres it can appear in additional collection/s to your main School collection.

On the submission form there is an 'Any other comments' box which you can use for this, after you click 'Send to Repository'. Enter the name of the additional School/Research Centres you would like the item to appear in.

Can a School / Research Centre Administrator Submit on Behalf of Researchers?

Yes they can. Contact and request that they be given administrator login privileges for the School/Research Centre. This will allow the administrator to update the profiles and upload papers for each member of staff in the unit. Be advised that UCD Research may need a list of staff members to set this up for Research Centre administrators.

When papers are uploaded on behalf of staff, the administrator will be the contact person for those items if Research Repository staff have queries.

How Do You Handle Multiple Authors?

If a UCD co-author uploads first then the item will appear in the Research Management System (RMS) as a "claimable" item, ready to upload to the Repository for all UCD co-authors. Only one author needs upload.

If the co-author is not in UCD then the general advice is for the first author to upload the paper to their repository.

Can I Submit a Large Number of Items?

It is possible to organise a "bulk upload" in some cases. The minimum requirement for this is 50 full-text PDF post-refereed author drafts of the papers.

Once you have collected the papers, you will need to list the items in a template spreadsheet:

This consists of simply listing the file name and the DOI for each paper. A free and easy-to-use tool for looking up DOIs en masse is available here:

Simply cut and paste all citations into a box in the DOI tool, and DOIs will be returned. If the paper does not have a DOI, you will need to list citation details in the template.


Comparison of Bulk and Individual Uploading

The process for individual uploads is briefly as follows:

  • Collect the final drafts, enter full citation data and upload individually via the RMS. This can be centralised (administrator) or distributed (individual authors).

The bulk upload process is:

  • Collect the final drafts, enter DOIs and filenames into a template spreadsheet and send to RRU for a bulk import.

Once submitted, both options require processing by the Library. Choosing to bulk upload shifts the majority of data entry work from the submitter to the Library, allowing the submitter to concentrate effort on collecting final drafts. This means more full-text papers get sourced with less work on the part of the submitter. It does not mean that the overall process is faster, but some 'economies of scale' are achieved on both sides by processing in bulk.


For both methods the Library undertakes the following processing:

  • Checks if the paper uploaded corresponds to the citation data supplied (Is it the right PDF?)
  • Checks the version of the paper (Is it the right version and does the publisher allow this?)
  • Adds information required by many publishers (e.g. the copyright holder, a set statement referring to the policy and a link to the published version)
  • Contacts the publisher to request permission if policy is not explicit (20% of submissions)
  • Standardises the authors’ names -- important for indexing; also improves accuracy of citation counting when using Google Scholar/Publish or Perish


For bulk imports the Library undertakes the following additional processing:

  • Downloads and merges the citation data based on DOIs supplied
  • Requests and merges RMS IDs from UCD Research in order to link papers back to the RMS publication list
  • Converts the citation metadata into XML, packages with the corresponding PDF and imports into the Repository


The economies of scale achieved during the bulk import process include:

  • Publishers' policies are checked in blocks, rather than one paper at a time
  • Authors' names are standardised in blocks, and only the first three are standardised and imported.
  • In the 20% of cases where we are required to contact the publishers, we do so, requesting permission to host the paper, but we do not wait for a response. We will take an item down immediately if we are later told that we do not have permission. This typically applies to conferences and small publishers whose policies are not explicit.

Please contact Joseph Greene, Repository Librarian: for more details and assistance with the process.