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Collection Services, UCD Library: Journal and Database Subscriptions

This guide provides information on the Collection Services Unit and the services it offers to academics, researchers, and undergraduates.

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Can I subscribe to a new journal or database?

If you wish to subscribe to a print or online journal/resource, please contact the Collection Development and Description Librarian (CDDL) for your School. 

Please be aware that budget restrictions and other external factors may impact on the Library's ability to subscribe to additional journals.

Journals and Databases in UCD


UCD Library currently provides access to 323 databases and 117,408 journals, the majority of which are available online, all managed by Collection Services. 

  • The print journal collection is spread across all 5 library sites. 
  • Online content is provided via UCD Library subscriptions and through the IReL Consortium. For more information on IReL please the information below. 
  • We also maintain direct links to free and open access online content through our discovery tools.

UCD Library subscriptions are guided by the policy to provide effective, high quality collections and appropriate electronic access to information resources for the University College Dublin academic community. You can view our General Information Resource Policy here.

Usage statistics for online resources are gathered and analysed regularly, and journal subscriptions, both online and print, are reviewed annually to meet the current and long-term teaching, learning and research needs of UCD. 

The IReL Consortium

IReL Irish Research Library

In addition to direct subscriptions, UCD Library also provides access to content through the IReL Consortium.

IReL is the Irish Research eLibrary: a government funded electronic research library. It provides access to online resources in Science, Technology and Medicine, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

It contains:

  • E-journals: 50 collections and 4 single title subscriptions, giving users access to approximately 25,000 full-text journals
  • 26 databases
  • 16 e-books / reference collections

Funding for IReL has come from the HEA (Higher Education Authority), SFI (Science Foundation Ireland), DJEI (Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation) and the IUA Council (Irish Universities Association).

More information on IRel can be found on the IReL home page and on the IReL Fact Sheet.