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Collection Services, UCD Library: Reading List Feedback Form

This guide provides information on the Collection Services Unit and the services it offers to academics, researchers, and undergraduates.

Feedback Request

In collaboration with UCD Agile and with support from UCD Registry's Curriculum Team, UCD Library has developed an enhanced book request process that we hope will improve and streamline our book ordering process for academic staff in the university. 

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions for further development. Any feedback will help us to improve our services and the support we provide for staff and students in UCD.

If you would like to add your comments to the process, please fill out the form opposite.

All responses are anonymous.

Reading Lists Feedback Form

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Feedback Response

Book Arrival Notification

This is one of the most popular features requested by users of the book ordering form. We've tried but, unfortunately, it's not something that the form, our library management system, or our homemade workarounds can do. A list of titles ordered with links to their catalogue records is emailed to each person who places a request. We hope that this will help you keep track of requests for the time being. As systems evolve or are replaced, we will keep an eye on this to see if notifications can be implemented in the future.

Additional Categories

We have had some feedback requesting additional categories on the form, e.g., essential reading, suggested reading, urgent, etc. We have also received a lot feedback praising the simplicity of the form. In the end we decided to try to keep the form as simple as possible. If you note that a book is urgent in any of the text boxes, this is now flagged automatically behind the scenes and we will prioritise accordingly. If you would like to make a general recommendation for the library, this can be placed in the Research category.  

Purchasing Guidelines

We will try to obtain at least one copy of every title that you request with the option for more copies of teaching materials. Information on what you can order can be found in the Ordering FAQ page. You can contact the Collection Development and Description Librarian for your School directly and we will be happy to talk through what we can do for you.