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GIS at UCD and on the Web: UCD Case Studies - see the benefits

UCD Library GIS Guide

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Service - Impact Case Study

The application of Geographic Information  Systems (GIS) to research has two key benefits:

it facilitates the analysis of data through visualisation

and it provides a method for disseminating research findings in an accessible and impactful way.

Read more about GIS in this UCD Library Impact Case Study - click on the image on the right to open this document.


Case Study 3

Comparison of mass wasting processes on the slopes of the Rockall Trough, Northeast Atlantic. 

Read the PDF below for full details.                                                                                                                                                 

Case Study 4

To examine the role that the Dublin city region has in the national context and its value to Ireland as a global city of scale. The process through which this was achieved was firstly by examining available data and then by using this data to produce a spatial analytical assessment of Dublin’s role. This was followed by structured discussions with key policy makers and stakeholders.

Read the PDF below for full details.

Case Study 1

Planning for sustainability through Environmental Sensitivity Mapping

Dr González’s research looked at opportunities for a more                                 
proactive and participative integration of environmental considerations into land-use planning using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Through this work, Dr González
created a new way of mapping environmental sensitivity.

Read the PDF below for full details.

Case Study 2

Assessing whether data relating to litter pollution from open data and participatory sensing applications be used to provide an alternative way to monitor litter pollution for urban planning.

Read the PDF below for full details.


Would you like to see your case study featured here?

If you are working / researching / teaching in UCD and have an example of a case study which uses GIS we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please complete the single page template (see link below) with the details of your project and e-mail it to

We hope to have a variety of case studies which will demonstrate the range of uses of GIS.