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UCD Library GIS Guide

Searching for GIS Modules at UCD

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GIS Modules in UCD

Agriculture and Food Science AESC30110 Diversity in the Rural Landscape Dr Helen Sheridan
Agriculture and Food Science AESC40420 Geographic Information Systems Dr Paul Murphy
Agriculture and Food Science FOR30430 Geographic Information Systems Dr Amanda Sosa
Agriculture and Food Science FOR30410 Forest Inventory and Sampling Dr Aine Ni Dhubhain
Agriculture and Food Science FOR40160 Forest Inventory & Management Plan Ms Marie Doyle
Archaeology ARCH41340 GIS, Cultural Heritage and Spatial Thinking  Dr Rob Sands
Archaeology ARCH41070 Remote Sensing Dr Steve Davis
Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy PLAN20020 Introduction to GIS Dr Jon Paul Faulkner
Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy PLAN40350 Advanced GIS Dr Francesco Pilla
Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy PLAN40220 Geographical Information Systems for Policy and Planning Dr Francesco Pilla
Biology and Environmental Sciences ENVB40540 Introduction to Ecological Mapping with Open Source Software (QGIS) Dr Florence Renou-Wilson
Biosystems and Food Engineering BSEN40780 Remote Sensing and GIS Prof Nick Holden
Earth Sciences GEOL30400 Digital Geology and GIS Dr Eoghan Holohan
Geography GEOG10140 Mapping a Sustainable World Dr Jeremy Auerbach 
Geography GEOG20220 Introduction to GIS for the Social Sciences Dr Tobi Morakinyo
Geography GEOG20230 Intro: GIS for Sustainability Dr Tobi Morakinyo
Geography GEOG30880 Projects in GIS Dr Tobi Morakinyo 
Geography GEOG40820 Introduction to ArcGIS Dr Tobi Morakinyo
Geography GEOG40890 Remote Sensing Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo
Geography GEOG40770 GIS for Environmental Assessment Dr Tobi Morakinyo
Geography GEOG40850 GIS for Environmental Investigations Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo
Geography GEOG40870 Advanced GIS Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo
Geography MSc Geospatial Data Analysis
Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Social and Environmental Sciences (Brochure) Dr Ainhoa Gonzalez Del Campo and Tobi Morakinyo