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Chicago Style Guide 17th Edition: Podcasts and Other Multimedia Sources

This referencing style guide is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition. It has many different reference types. It gives detailed examples of how these references should be formatted in the "Notes and Bibliography" style.

Podcasts and other multimedia sources

Reference: Last name, First name of Creators. “Episode Title.” Produced/written/directed by. Podcast Title. Publication Month Day, Year. Podcast, Format audio, running time. URL.

Example: Hubbard, Laurel, and Phil Pegan. “Emily Young: Stone Carver and Environmental Artist.” Presented and produced by Phil Pegan, BBC World Service. In the Studio. March 2, 2021. Podcast, MP3 audio, 26:29.

In-Text Citation: Use a superscript number (like this: ¹) in the text at the place where you are indicating that you are citing from a source.

In-Text Citation Example: Young describes a piece of stone, with a carved human face as something to remind viewers that our planet is alive.¹

Footnote: #. First name Last name of Creators, “Episode Title,” Publication Month Day, Year, in Podcast Title, published or produced or written or directed by, podcast, format audio, running time, URL.

Example: 1. Laurel Hubbard and Phil Pegan, "Emily Young: Stone Carver and Environmental Artist," March 2, 2021, in In The Studio, presented and produced by Phil Pegan, published by BBC World Service, podcast, MP3 audio, 26:29,


Note: If no publication date is available, include the date last accessed instead.

Note: If podcast is listened to from a web-browser or app, no need to mention format such as MP3/WAV etc. Include format if a file is downloaded and listened to.