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Chicago Style Guide 17th Edition: eJournal article

This referencing style guide is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition. It has many different reference types. It gives detailed examples of how these references should be formatted in the "Notes and Bibliography" style.

eJournal article

Reference: Author(s) Last name, First name. “Title of Article.” Journal Title Volume, Issue no. (Month Year): Pages. DOI/URL/Database name.


Mulvin, Lynda,  and Steven E. Sidebotham. "Roman Game Boards from Abu Sha'ar (Red Sea Coast, Egypt)." Antiquity 78, no. 301 (2004): 602-617.

In-Text Citation: Use a superscript number (like this: ¹) in the text at the place where you are indicating that you are citing from a source.


Sanderson estimates that most surviving game boards show evidence of at least five years' use.³

Footnote:  #. Author(s) First name Last name, “Title of Article,” Journal Title Volume, Issue no. (Month  Year): page, doi/url/database name.


3. Lynda Mulvin and Steven E. Sidebotham, “Roman Game Boards from Abu Sha'ar (Red Sea Coast, Egypt),” Antiquity 78, no. 301 (2004): 604, 


Note: 17th edition of the CMOS advises to only include an access date if no publication date is provided. This is a change from the 16th edition.

Note: Month of publication only needs to be included where given in source citation.

Note: For more than three authors, list all of the authors in the bibliography; in the footnote, list only the first author, followed by et al., (“and others”). For more than ten authors, list the first seven in the bibliography followed by et al.. List only the first author followed by et al., in the footnote. 


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