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Map Collections at UCD and on the Web: Citing / Referencing

Find, access and purchase maps at UCD Library. Lists of map resources and suppliers on the web. Examples of map symbols and scales. Copyright and booking forms.

Citing Maps Using the Harvard Style

Printed sheet map

Author(s) or Compiler(s) or Producer(s) name, initial(s).of map (year of publication). Title of map [map], Edition, sheet number, scale, Place of Publication: Publisher (Series).


Ordnance Survey (1882) Co. Dublin, Rathmines and Rathgar township, [map], sheet XXII.16,  5 feet to 1 mile, Dublin


Ordnance Survey Ireland (2005) Clare,Limerick,Tipperary [map], 2nd edition, sheet 65, 1:50,000, Dublin: Ordnance Survey Ireland (Discovery Series)


Gill, Valentine (1811) A new map of the county of Wexford, from actual survey [reproduction map]. 4 sheets, scale Irish miles: 54 miles 4 furlongs 34 perches 2 yards to a degree. London, V.Gill


Rocque, John (1756) An exact survey of the city and suburbs of Dublin [facsimile map]. 4 sheets, scale 200 feet to an inch, London, England: 1756. As reproduced by: Harry Margary, Lympe Castle, Kent, 1977.


Map printed from OSI Store:

Author/Cartographer/Producer Name (year of publication) Title of map [Location of map] [map], scale, [accessed date].


Ordnance Survey Ireland (2013) Urban/Rural PLACE map [Portmarnock, Co. Dublin] [map], scale 1:5,000, [Accessed 9 June 2014].


Electronic Map from Website:

Author(s) or Compiler(s) or Producer(s) name, initial(s). of map (year of publication) Title of map [map online], scale, available: web address [accessed date].


Ordnance Survey Ireland (2013) Limerick [map online], 1:25,000, available:,558481,656919,4,10 [accessed 08 Jul 2014].


Static Historical Map from Website:

Citation Style [fill in the details which are available]

Author. Map title. Date of map creation if known. Scale. "Title of website" <URL> (date accessed).


Fraser's Map of the County of Wicklow, including the Environs of the City of Dublin. 1855. Scale not given."UCD Digital Library". <> (Accessed January 16, 2014)

Ordnance Survey Ireland. City of Dublin Sheet 5. 1864. 1:1056. "Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) 19th Century Historical Maps". <> (Accessed March 14, 2018)

Map printed from OSI MapGenie:

Basic Form of Citation: Author(s) or Compiler(s) or Producer(s) name, Product name [map online], Scale, Title, Date of Publication, Available: OSI MapGenie Service, Date downloaded.

Note on Product Name:  Use the Projection and Name listed in the table MapGenie Mapping Series, e.g. IG Basemap Premium
Note on Scale:  Give the scale that the map was exported / printed at.
Note on Title:  If no title exists create a short one and put square brackets around it.
Note on Date:  If you have several maps published in different years then give the dates of the earliest and latest maps, e.g. 1898-1924

Sample Citations:

Ordnance Survey Ireland, ITM Historic Map 6 inch B&W [map online], Scale 1:6,000, [Arklow], Published 1907, Available: OSI MapGenie Service, [Accessed 06 May 2014].

Ordnance Survey Ireland, ITM/basemap_premium [map online], Scale 1:10,000, [Phoenix Park, Dublin], Available: OSI MapGenie Service, [Accessed 20 March 2021].



Acknowledgement for maps from sheet collections or supplied as PDFs, or via MapGenie

Includes data reproduced courtesy of Ordnance Survey Ireland