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Map Collections at UCD and on the Web: Historic Maps - All Island Ireland

Find, access and purchase maps at UCD Library. Lists of map resources and suppliers on the web. Examples of map symbols and scales. Copyright and booking forms.

Pre 1600 Maps of Ireland

Hiberniae, Britannicae Insulae, Nova Descripto by Abraham Ortelius, 1572

Historic Maps of Ireland from the Library of Congress

Ireland from Maps. (1980) Dublin: National Library of Ireland. This publication includes the following maps:

  • Ptolemy's Map of Ireland, 150 A.D. 
  • Martin Waldseemuller : A Seachart of Ireland. Strasbourg, 1513
  • Gerhard Mercator : Map of Ireland. Duisburg, 1564

Ireland's History in Maps - this site uses a basic graphical map of Ireland to display thematic information such as Bronze Age Ireland, Arrival of Christianity, the Viking Era, Plantation and Earldoms, etc.

Life in Elizabethan England Shows a basic map of Ireland with the territories owned by the Gaelic chiefs circa 1500.

Early Irish maps from State Papers c.1558 - c.1610 Made available through the National Archives UK website. The collection comprises more than 60 different maps depicting plantations, fortifications and townships in Ireland during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I, in the 16th and 17th centuries, some which are amongst the earliest cartographic representations of Ireland and are available at a fee.

The Down Survey of Ireland

The Down Survey of Ireland  Taken in the years 1656-1658, the Down Survey of Ireland is the first ever detailed land survey on a national scale anywhere in the world. In addition to other material this website comprises digital images of all the surviving Down Survey maps at parish, barony and county level.

Learn about the Down Survey of Ireland project from Dr Micheál Ó’Siochrú of Trinity College Dublin’s Department of History.

How to find the date of an OSi six inch or 25 inch historic map

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) Irish Townland and Historical Map Viewer allows you view the historic 25 inch and 6 inch mapping series. Instructions are provided in the PDF below and the contents are:




FIND A TOWNLAND NAME                                            Page 4

VIEW THE DATE OF A MAP                                           Page 6

ADD A MARKER TO YOUR MAP                                   Page 7

VIEW THE ATTRIBUTE TABLE                                      Page 9


FIND THE DATE OF THE 25 INCH MAPS                      Page 11

Northern Ireland

1831 - 1846 Historic Six Inch Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland


  • You can read about the 6 inch Ordnance Survey maps here.
  • OSi MapGenie gives access to the historic 6 inch mapping series. See our MapGenie page for information on access.
  • High-quality versions are available to request via an our Request OSi PDF Maps page

This historic 6inch series is available to view on the OSI's free map viewer GeoHive                                          

This two page document shows you how to quickly and easily display the historic 6inch mapping



Ordnance Survey Ireland have issued the guide below on how to use the mapping viewer in GeoHive           

Maps of Ireland after 1600

        Read here for information about Taylor & Skinner's survey.

Maps to accompany the Topographical Dictionary were published in a separate atlas

View the index sheet. The full list of Military Maps is here