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Thematic Maps : Geology to Statistics



Irish Continental Shelf - view this at - type 'shelf' into search field to see it displayed on the map.

The Irish Marine Institute Map Viewer includes datasets for fisheries, oceanography, the marine environment and the Irish Wave Energy Resource Atlas.


INFOMAR / The Irish National Seabed Survey Covering some 125,000 km² of Irelands most productive and commercially valuable inshore waters, INFOMAR will produce integrated mapping products covering the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed.

The Marine Irish Digital Atlas is a geographically referenced interactive map that allows users to view and explore a wide range of marine and coastal data layers


Radon Maps

Radon Map of Ireland from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland. These maps show the levels of radon for all areas of Ireland.

Radon Maps for Northern Ireland from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. The maps are contained within the publication Radon in Dwellings in Northen Ireland: 2009 Review and Atlas. It presents the first radon probability map at a resolution of 1-km squares of the Irish Grid.


Soil Maps

Soil maps of Ireland from Teagasc. Each county available to download as a PDF.

View the National Soils Database for  Ireland with the EPA map viewer.

General Soil Map of Ireland. Scale 1:575,000, 2nd Edition, 1980.                                     General Soil Map, Scale 1:575,000, First Edition, 1969 is available in Richview Library.

ISRIC - World Soil Information - here you can access the World Soil Information MapViewer Service which provides visualizations of qualitative and quantitative soil properties from various data sources and data providers in a distributed way around the world.



Based on data in OpenStreetMap, here is a list of counties in Ireland. 
Click on each county to see baronies, civil parishes and townlands in the respective county.