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Map Collections at UCD and on the Web: Tailte Éireann MapGenie

Find, access and purchase maps at UCD Library. Lists of map resources and suppliers on the web. Examples of map symbols and scales. Copyright and booking forms.

What is MapGenie? How to Access MapGenie


MapGenie is a mapping service from Tailte Éireann (formerly Ordnance Survey Ireland).  It consists of a range of map series which have been created by Tailte Éireann for the Republic of Ireland. 


These include current detailed mapping, the Discovery map series and also various aerial photography map series. The historical map series in MapGenie pre-date 1922 and so they cover the island of Ireland.

MapGenie is ideal for use in any subject or discipline which includes location data, so it's not just for geography, archaeology or planning but for disciplines ranging from business, science, history, politics, medicine and engineering to architecture, literature, environmental studies and tourism.


MapGenie can be accessed in several ways:


1.    Access the mapping series available in MapGenie by importing them into GIS services such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS or AutoCad. (See details for each of these options further below)

2.   Via a website interface where you can print a basic map. To do this click on one of the links in the Using MapGenie via WebApp box below. The link with the most map series available in it is MapGenie ITM Service.       Use your own UCD Connect details at the Login page.            Step-by-step instructions are in the pdf below:

3. Using MapGenie in ArcGIS Pro

Use the instructions in the document above to add MapGenie series to ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Pro is available to all UCD students, staff, academics and researchers who have an ArcGIS Online account.

4. Using MapGenie in QGIS and AutoCad

Some Ordnance Survey Ireland mapping series are available via a Web Map Service. A WMS is a standard protocol developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium for serving georeferenced map images over the internet. You will need a list of MapGenie links and username and password to use this service which allows you view Ordnance Survey maps in QGIS.

To request username / password details please submit this online request form. This service is only available for UCD staff and students.

The instructions in the PDF below are provided by OSi.

2. Using MapGenie via WebApp


You can view and print map extracts from either of these MapGenie website applications:

Click on the MapGenie option of your choice and log in with your UCD Connect details

MapGenie ITM Service (this has most map series - ITM maps are compatible with modern GPS systems)

MapGenie IG Service (use this if you need Irish National Grid data - this is an older mapping projection system)


Image of Athlone town from MapGenie

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find questions and answers on MapGenie. We will add more as we receive questions and prepare answers for these.

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