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Harvard Style Guide: Book reviews

This guide explains how to use the Harvard Style. It includes a short tutorial.

Book reviews

Reference: Reviewer Last name, Initials. (Year of review) 'Title of review (if available)', Review of Title of work reviewed by Author Initials Last name. Publication details of review.

Example: Zajko, V. (2019) Review of Female Mobility and Gendered Space in Ancient Greek Myth by A. Konstantinou. American Journal of Philology, 140(2), p. 367, Available at:10.1353/ajp.2019.0021 (Accessed 1 March 2022).


  • Reviewer Last name (Year)
  • (Reviewer Last name, Year)


  • According to Zajko's (2019) review of the book ....
  • It has been noted that the theoretical perspectives of interest, covered in this title, could be explored more thoroughly (Zajko, 2019).

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Note: in the example above, the review title is the same of the title of the book being reviewed, so it has not been included a second time.