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Harvard Style Guide: Citing same author, multiple works, same year

This guide explains how to use the Harvard Style. It includes a short tutorial.

Citing same author, multiple works, same year

To cite multiple works by the same author in the same year, use lower-case letters after the publication date in your in-text citations. This applies to any type of source including books, journal articles, tweets etc.



Research has focused on whether high-density housing, in city centres, is one answer to mitigate against homelessness (Wilmot 2020a; 2020b).

Wilmot (2020a) conducted intense research work with community organisations on homelessness. She came to the conclusion that high-density, city centre housing was not the answer (Wilmot 2020b).


Wilmot M. (2020a) Inclusion: When will we have a Home for Life? Dublin: Pearson.

Wilmot M. (2020b) Solutions and Barriers to Homelessness. Dublin: Pearson.


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