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Harvard Style Guide: Tables etc

This guide explains how to use the Harvard Style. It includes a short tutorial.

Tables, Illustrations, and Diagrams

Reference (Print Source): Authors’ Names. (Year) Title of book. Place of publication: Publishing company, Page of illustration/diagram/table, illus./fig./table.

Example: Rhineheart, A. (2016) Transport systems of Eastern Europe. Berlin: Muirfield Publishing., p. 145, illus.

Reference (Online Source): Authors’ Names. (Year) Title of book [illus./fig./table.]. Available at: url (Accessed: Day Month Year)

Example: Headford, M. (2015) Brexit and the Euro [Table]. Available at: (Accessed: 1 September 2016)



(Author Lastname, Year, page numbers)


The public transport systems of Eastern Europe have traditionally been heavily invested in (Rhineheart, 2016, p 145). 


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