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Open Access Publishing Agreements: Introduction

Discover the current open access publishing agreements in place, allowing options for publishing research open access at no cost to the author.

Open Access Publishing and UCD Library

UCD Library, as a member of the IReL consortium of Irish academic libraries, has entered into a number of Transformative Open Access Publishing agreements with key scholarly publishers. Transformative agreements shift the payments away from subscription-based reading towards open access publishing. They ensure that scholarly research outputs are freely available online to all, with no, or limited, licence restrictions.

These agreements allow UCD corresponding authors to publish an agreed number of Open Access articles in the publishers' academic journals without paying Article Processing Charges (APCs). 


The following OA agreements with limited APC quotas are expected to run out before the end of the year:

OPG - Optica Publishing Group - October 28, 2024.
RSC - Royal Society of Chemistry - November 10, 2024.
Springer - October 9, 2024.
Taylor & Francis Group - September 7, 2024.
Wiley - Fully OA journal APC quota is now expected to run out by mid-July, 2024. NOTE: for Wiley's hybrid journals (most Wiley titles), APC quota is projected to last until the end of the year.

Open Access Journals Full List

A full list of all the journals included in the IReL agreements can be found here.

Who can avail of these agreements?

Open access publishing agreements can be availed of by all corresponding authors affiliated with UCD at the time the paper is accepted for publication. The corresponding author is the person responsible for manuscript submission and all correspondence/communication during the publication process.

Please ensure you include your UCD address and UCD email address in the corresponding author details at the time of submission.

Please be aware that the length of peer reviewing processes with individual publishers may therefore impact an author’s ability to utilise these OA agreements.  Please contact the relevant publisher for further information. 

Further help and support

If you have any questions in relation to any of the open access publishing agreements detailed on this guide please contact

For information about open access more generally, please contact Jenny Collery (, Scholarly Communications Librarian, UCD Library. Alternatively, check out our Open Access guide.