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Open Access Publishing Agreements: Wiley

Discover the current open access publishing agreements in place, allowing options for publishing research open access at no cost to the author.

Agreement details

The four year IReL-Wiley agreement allows eligible corresponding authors in participating institutions to publish original research and review articles open access upon publication at no extra cost.

Agreement period: 1 Feb 2022 – 31 Dec 2024

NOTE: This agreement has a limited OA quota per year. We expect it to be used up by the end of the year. Any updates will be posted on this page.

UPDATE (16 June 2022): as the number of articles submitted to Wiley’s fully-OA journals is higher than expected, it is projected that the fund will run out in late July 2022. Once the fund is gone, articles submitted for the rest of 2022 will not be offered IReL-funded Open Access. Articles that have already been approved for OA funding will not be affected. Allocations for Wiley's hybrid journals are projected to last for the full year.

What journals are included?

All Wiley hybrid (partially open access) and Gold (fully open access) journals. See this list of all journals (including Wiley’s) included in IReL open access agreements:

NOTE: a small number of Wiley subscription-only journals are excluded.

Instructions for authors

Eligible authors: the corresponding author must be a current staff member or student of a participating institution at the time the article is accepted for publication. Requests for OA are subject to approval by participating institutions.

Eligible article types: “primary research and review articles, including but not limited to articles classified by Wiley as Case Study, Commentary, Data Article, Education, Lecture, Method and Protocol, Perspective, Practice and Policy, Rapid Publication, Research Article, Review Article, Short Communication, and Technical Note”.

OA publishing license: eligible authors will be able to select the at least one of the following: CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-ND. Authors retain all proprietary rights in addition to copyright. Eligibility is based on article acceptance date.

Creative Commons license