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Open Access Publishing Agreements: Taylor and Francis

Discover the current open access publishing agreements in place, allowing options for publishing research open access at no cost to the author.

Agreement details

The open access publishing agreement with Taylor and Francis allows corresponding authors from UCD to publish articles open access in Taylor and Francis hybrid journals upon publication at no extra cost.

Agreement period: 1 Jan 2024 – 31 Dec 2026.

OA quota: the OA publishing fund with this agreement is limited (APC quota shared among participating institutions):

  • 2024 - 305 articles.
  • 2025 - 312 articles. 
  • 2026 - 320 articles. 

UPDATE (3rd May, 2024):  the limited APC funding is expected to run out in early September.

When the fund is fully spent each year, the author OA workflow will be suspended so authors will not be informed of the agreement on acceptance. 

What journals are included?

All T&F Open Select journals (hybrid journals).

NOTE: from January 2024, T&F agreement no longer covers their fully Open Access journals.

See also our list of all the eligible journals in all IReL’s open access agreements.

Instructions for authors

Eligible authors: the corresponding author must be a current staff member or student of a participating institution at the time the article is accepted for publication. The corresponding author must ensure their correct affiliation details are known to the publisher at this time.

Eligible article types: Article, Review, Research Article, Review Article, Report, Short Communication, Case Report, Note, Original Article, Guest Editorial.

OA publishing license: authors will have the option to choose between a CC BY, CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND licence, if offered by the journal to which the article has been submitted. 

Note: text in T&F’s author workflows may give the impression that authors will be billed for the APC if they choose OA and are rejected for IReL APC funding. This will not happen: if rejected, authors will be offered a choice (paying the APC from their own funds, or subscription access at no cost).