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APA Style Guide: Images

This guide explains how to use the APA Style. It includes a short tutorial.

Images, reproduced in the text

For graphs, charts, maps, drawings, tables, and photographs that appear in the text, the style advises these should be labeled as numbered figures (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, Table 1, Table 2, etc.).

The Table or Figure number is at the top. Place an informative title under the figure number. Below the image or table include a note with any details needed to understand the image.  

For images or tables not created by yourself,  include the words "Adapted from..." or "Reprinted from..." followed by a citation in the note. Include a copyright statement also, where required. A reference list entry must also be included in your reference list for reproduced or adapted images. You do not include a reference entry for any images created by you.

Below is an example showing the format for reproducing a figure, image or table in the text.

Figure 1

fMRI of a healthy brain in comparison with one affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Note:  Alzheimer’s disease can be seen to significantly affect in the entorhinal cortex and hippocampus as in Figure 1. Reprinted from "Cognitive degeneration associated with early onset Alzheimer's disease," by B. F. Reddin and G. Hall, 2015, Neuropsychological research, 34, p. 55. Copyright 2014 by the Irish Psychological Society.


Images, cited and referenced in the text

Reference (Image from a Journal): Creator Last name, Initials. (Year). Image Title [Format of image]. In “Article Title.” Journal Title, Volume(Issue No.). p. URL.

Example: Reddin, B. F., & Hall, G. (2015). fMRI of a healthy brain in comparison with one affected by Alzheimer’s disease. [Scan]. In “Cognitive degeneration associated with early onset Alzheimer's disease.” Neuropsychological Research, 34(2), p. 55. http://123456.jnl

Reference (Image from the internet): Creator Last name, Initials. (Year). Title [Format of image]. Publisher. Location/URL.

Example: Pavithran, S. S. (2018). Liquid crystal seashore. [Photograph]. Science Foundation Ireland.


  • Photographer/Creators Last name (Year)
  • (Photographer/Creators Last name, Year)


  • The image shows the difference in a health brain and one with Alzheimer’s disease (Reddin and Hall, 2015)
  • Reddin and Hall’s (2015) image show …

Creative Commons license