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APA Style Guide: Datasets

This guide explains how to use the APA Style. It includes a short tutorial.


Reference: Author Last name, Initials, Author Last name, Initials, & Group Name. (Year of Publication or Collection). Title of dataset (Version) [Description, e.g. Unpublished Dataset]. Publisher name or source of unpublished data. Retrieval date (if data will change over time) URL

Example: Leahy, S., Nolan, A., O’ Connell, J., and Kenny, R. A. (2012). The Irish longitudinal study on ageing (TILDA) [Data file and code books]. Retrieved October 31, 2015, from


Authors Last name (Year)

(Authors last name, Year)


Leahy et al. (2012) observed that ...

(Leahy et al., 2012)


Note: For published data include the year of publication, for unpublished data in the year(s) of collection. 

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