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APA Style Guide: Book with corporate author

This guide explains how to use the APA Style. It includes a short tutorial.

Book with corporate author

Reference: Name of corporate author. (Year). Title. Publisher.

Example: Economic and Social Research Institute. (2008). ESRI research strategy 2008-2013: Research for a changing Ireland. ESRI.


  • Name of Corporate Author (Year)
  • (Name of Corporate Author, Year)


  • Economic and Social Research Institute (2008) highlight research…
  • Research (Economic and Social Research Institute, 2008) highlighting other trends…

Note, the organisation can be shortened as follows:

First in-text citation

  • Research (Economic and Social Research Institute [ESRI], 2008) highlighting other trends...

Subsequent in-text citations

  • Research shows these steady trends (ESRI, 2008)...


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