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APA Style Guide: Conferences

This guide explains how to use the APA Style. It includes a short tutorial.


Paper presentation, in an edited book

Reference: Presenter(s) Last name, Initials (Year, Month). Title of paper. In Editor(s) Initial, Last name (Ed.) Title of Conference Proceedings (Page numbers). Publisher.                                                                                              

Example: Jones, M. K., (2010) Distance learning in Dublin. In M. Forrester (Ed.) Proceedings of a One-Day International Conference Dealing with Distance Leaning in Ireland (pp. 210 - 258). Collins Press.

Paper presentation, not in an edited book

Reference: Presenter(s) Last name, Initials (Year, Month days). Title of contribution [Type of contribution]. Title of conference, Place of publication. URL

Example: Notarilli, M. (2020, September 6-7). Neurodiversity in education [Paper presentation]. Annual Conference of Neuroscience, Europe 2020, Cork, Ireland. https://67890.html


  • Author(s) Last name (year)
  • (Author(s) Last name, year)                 


  • Jones (2010) argued….
  • Another participant (Jones, 2010) argued….                           


Note: a place of publication is supplied in for the paper referenced directly from the conference, this is to help other locate the paper.

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